Undergraduate Seminar 1

The first undergraduate seminar will focus on the idea of absorbed coping. The reading is the section on absorbed coping from chapter 3 of the GuideBook. It’s available in the module dropbox. I will also email it to all of you.

We will begin thinking through the case of Schneider and what Merleau-Ponty wants to do with it in lectures, picking up our discussion in the seminars.

Here are some questions to help focus your reading:

  1. What does Merleau-Ponty mean by an agent’s actual situation?
  2. How is your actual situation related to what you are currently doing?
  3. What is a concrete action, according to Merleau-Ponty?
  4. What is an abstract action, according to Merleau-Ponty?
  5. How are (some) actions accomplished on his picture?
  6. What is a motor skill?
  7. How are motor skills related to the perception of affordances?

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