Exam Questions Spring 2018

The exam this year is on the work of Frantz Fanon, focusing particularly on his text Black Skin, White Masks. It is a seen exam, and these are the actual questions that will appear on the paper.

You need to choose two to answer.

Fanon develops some central claims throughout the text, so you may find that the same ideas are relevant to more than one question. You should make sure that your answers to the two questions you choose do not overlap.

  1. Is Fanon a philosopher of recognition?
  2. Why is language of central importance for Fanon?
  3. What is the ‘racial-epidermal schema’? What role does this idea play in Fanon’s work?
  4. What does Fanon conclude from his study of Mayotte Capécia? Is his treatment of her case defensible?
  5. What role does the case of Jean Veneuse play in Fanon’s text? Can Fanon’s
    conclusions be defended?
  6. What is négritude? Does Fanon think that this approach provides a way for the colonised black person to live authentically?
  7. Fanon advocates a radical humanism as the way out of the problematic colonial-racial relations he analyses in Black Skin, White Masks. But is such a position really possible for him?
  8. Discuss the account of race that emerges in Black Skin, White Masks.