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Coursework will be on Merleau-Ponty’s work. We will tackle Fanon’s philosophy in the exam. This will be a seen paper, and the exam questions will appear on this website towards the end of the semester.

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(1) Is Merleau-Ponty’s understanding of the Transcendental-Phenomenological Reduction defensible?

(2) Can Objective Thought account for perception?

(3) What, according to Merleau-Ponty, does the case of Schneider show us about the human capacity for action? Are his claims defensible?

(4) What does Merleau-Ponty mean when he claims that ‘to know how to type’ is to have ‘knowledge in the hands’ (1962: 166)? Can his view be defended?

(5) Can Merleau-Ponty account for perceptual illusions?

(6) Why does Merleau-Ponty think that the existence of others poses a problem for him? Does he provide a defensible solution?

(7) What is ‘motor intentionality’? Is it a useful notion?